I am currently a graduate student in the MFA Animation program at the Savannah College of Art and Design, set to graduate at the end of May,2016. I have a bachelor of fine arts in Illustration/Animation from the University of Kansas. 

My work represents my love for fictional characters that relate towards graphic novels and fairytales. Recently my work has engaged with mythological beings of power, as well as the recreation of a few of my favorite superheroes and villains. Distorting human characteristics and movement, drive my interest in the field of 3D character modeling and illustration. Believing in the possibility of life on other worlds, I distort elements of opposites such as light and dark, good and evil, life and death, to create beings and creatures who's physical limitation supersede our own.
I love being social, working with others, embracing new opportunities, eating great food, being healthy, but most importantly working hard for what I want in life. I take pride in my ability to accomplish what I set out to achieve.  I believe that success in life comes from surrounding ones self with great people, appreciating the little things in life, working hard, and always making the most of the moment.